How We can Help You

Dear fellow business owner,
If you are interested in exploring further our services, we suggest you schedule a free discovery session where we can discuss your company’s situation, clarify your short term and long term goals, and zoom on your critical issues.

Once we understand your needs and issues better, we will work with you on clarifying your expectations. Then we will be able to create a scope proposal, where we outline the scope of our work, including the timelines, effort required on our and your side, means of ongoing communication and the success criteria.

If you agree with the proposal and sign on agreement to work with us, we will start our engagement. The short term engagement usually includes in depth issue analysis and the most effective action plan.

We offer to work on the implementation piece together as well, however there is an option for you to implement our recommendations on your own.

In any case, we are committed to provide six months of ongoing coaching after the end of either the short term or the long term engagements, as we find it essential to help you succeed. Ongoing coaching will help you immensely to stick to the action plan and deal effectively with the upcoming changes in the market.

If you want to learn more on our services or you want to discuss your business situation further, please send us a message and indicate what type of the free consultation you would like to have.

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