Disclaimer Agreement for Free Consulting

This disclaimer agreement is made between a person expressing their interest in a free consultation via online form, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Client’ and Think Long Term Inc., a consulting firm registered in the province of Ontario and represented by its managing partners, associates,  or staff hereinafter referred to as ‘the consulting firm’.

WHEREAS the client wants to understand matters related to their business and the consulting firm is willing to provide related advice or suggestions or information free of charges subject to the following terms & conditions:

  1. That the advice or suggestions or information verbally or in writing provided by the consulting firm are in good faith and trust, with the intention to help the client in understanding and resolving their issues.
  2. That the free consultation is a no obligation conversation, hence a person requesting a consultation is not required to purchase or to recommend any of consulting firm services directly or indirectly, currently or in the future. The consultation is provided with a clear intent to help the client to get acquainted with the consulting firm services and to decide if any further consultations, engagements, coaching programs or other product and services can be beneficial for their business success.
  3. That the advice or suggestions or information offered by the consulting firm to the client, is based on the information provided by the client, while the consulting firm may not have immediate ability to validate such information during the free consultation. Further work, research or consultations may be required to validate further client’s information and to conduct root cause analysis to understand client’s situation in greater detail.
  4. That the client is not obliged to take the suggestion or advice from the consulting firm for implementation or execution.
  5.  That in order to provide right advice as per the industry standard, the client may be requested to furnish additional information about their business.
  6. That the implementation of the advice, strategies, or the action plan requires skills, knowledge, experience and ongoing assessment of the situation, and due to ever changing market behaviour may require additional steps and innovations that weren’t mentioned during the free consultation. Therefore, should the client decides to implement the advice, strategies or the action plan on their own, without the formal involvement of the consulting firm, the consulting firm will not be responsible for any possible loss or damages.
  7. That the client exonerates the consulting firm from all liabilities known or unknown, current or future arising out of the free advice.
  8. Should the client decides to have a detailed analysis and a preparation of a consulting report, which will describe the action to be taken for growing the business or starting a new business towards overall growth and profitability, and/or to hire the consulting firm to implement the strategies and the action plan explained during the free consultation, the client can be asked to retain the services of the consulting firm by signing a consulting agreement, which will describe the scope of work and the action to be taken.
  9. In case both the Client and the Consulting Firm agree to engage in paid services, the specific Consulting Agreement will be written and signed by the both parties and will prevail upon this Disclaimer Agreement for Free Consulting.