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Dear Business Owner

Our intent is to bring your business to the highest level of profitability and to sustain it in the long run.

Although our consulting is based on the holistic approach, we specialize in radical improvements in the areas of Customer Service, Supply Chain, Marketing, Operations, Processes, and Employee Retention. We always seek for the best breakthrough solutions specifically tailored to your situation.

We deliver the following results: 

  • The most effective BUSINESS STRATEGY for your unique business situation
  • RAPID BUSINESS GROWTH through outlining the detailed marketing and sales plan
  • REACHING YOUR FULL CAPACITY and utilizing your resources correctly

If you are wondering what type of our consulting services would fit your current needs, you can contact us to schedule a free introductory consulting session.

Starting a New Business

Effective Business Growth

Effective Business GrowthGrowing your business? What are the best streams of income you need to develop in order to grow your business effectively? Discover a combination of Effective Strategies, tailored to your specific goals so you can grow your business effectively, at minimum cost, without ever compromising quality and customer experience.

Resolving Issues

 Business Growth Consulting Includes

  • Advising on Additional Streams of Income
  • Strategies to Increase Sales
  • Capacity Increase
  • Defining New Products and Services
  • Defining New Market Niche
  • Marketing Strategies and Detailed Plan
  • Improving Product and Service Quality
  • Automating Business Processes
  • Effective Utilization of Resources
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Delivering Superior Customer Experiences

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Excellent Business Processes

Employee Retention and EngagementDo your customers, suppliers and your team like your processes? Do your processes take too long and are perceived to be very cumbersome and frustrating? If you are resolute to ensure high quality, cost savings, and great experience for your customers, suppliers and employees, then it is critical for you to have convenient, effective, and slick business processes.

Employee Retention

Interested in the Following Results?

  • Quick, convenient, reliable Processes
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Amazing Customer Experiences
  • Significantly Higher Quality
  • Eliminated Errors and Complaints
  • Smart Solutions to Repetitive Issues

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Employee Retention

Employee RetentionDo you feel like you constantly have to hire and train new people? Do you experience ongoing issues with your team members? Building enjoyable, positive and inspiring work environment is a process, that is absolutely a must, if you want to retain your best employees and utilize to the maximum their competences. We can help you create a much more efficient, energetic and highly productive work environment and resolve the issue of high employee turnaround for good.

Expect the Following Results

  • Resolving People Issues
  • Conflict free, supportive environment
  • Maximum Utilization of Resources
  • Effective Hiring Process
  • Optimum Compensation Strategy
  • High Energy Company
  • Stop employee turnaround
  • High Employee Engagement
  • Maximum contribution of each team member

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Strategy Effectiveness Assessment

Business DiagnosticsAre you wondering how you can reach your goals in the fastest and the safest way? If you put tremendous effort, but are not happy with the results, it is the time to look closer at your strategies. By looking at your strategies from a different angle, we can explain why you continue struggling with ongoing issues or why you don’t see the desired results quick enough. The purpose of Strategy Effectiveness Assessment is to ensure you use the most effective and innovative strategies, methods that WORK, efforts that bring LONG-TERM, LASTING RESULTS.

Strategy Assessment Includes:

  • Product and Service Selection Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Customer Relationships Strategy
  • Supplier Relationships Strategy
  • Employee Management Strategy

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Resolving Painful Business Issues

Resolving Painful Business IssuesDo you want to improve what is not optimum in your business?
Do you want to resolve and prevent painful issues so you stay in business for long? There is always a need to make things better and to resolve frustrating, costly issues. If Staying in Business For Long is your goal, you need to make sure you envision and adopt ongoing changes in customer demands. Choose to resolve the most frustrating repetitive issues and to eradicate what may put your business at risk in a long term.

Issue Resolution Services Includes

  • Root Cause Analysis of the Issues
  • Finding Breakthrough Solutions that eliminate issues from happening in the future
  • Significant Expense Reduction
  • Making Your Business Processes Perfect: fast, convenient, automated, error proof and cost effective
  • Improving Product and Service Quality
  • Resolving Conflicts with Suppliers
  • Eradicating issues of wasted time and money
  • Preventing Customer Complaints
  • Customer, Employee and Supplier Retention Strategies
  • Delivering Superior Customer Experiences

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Capacity Increase

Capacity IncreaseCan you bring in more business and let it slack in the area of customer service? If not, then what’s the most effective way for you to increase your capacity, so you can easily address growing demand in your products and services? And how do you balance the growth in sales with the growth of your capacity? How do you keep the high quality and yet stay within the expected waiting time for service delivery? How do you make sure you don’t lose your customers or make them frustrated? There is a proven system allowing you increase your capacity in a balanced way.

Franchising Consulting

Expect the Following Results

  • Significant profit increase at minimum cost
  • Ability to easily answer to growing demand
  • Ability to serve more people faster
  • Increased sales along with better quality of products and services
  • Better utilization of existing resources
  • Learn how to delegate work effectively
  • Ability to save time for your employees
  • Decrease waiting time for your customers

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Business Diagnostics

Business DiagnosticsYou have grown your company and now it is a well functioning enterprise. What else can you do to both maximize your revenue and to reduce expenses? Do you see additional improvement opportunities? Are any of your methods can put your business profitability in jeopardy? Business Diagnostics can answer these important questions and prepare you for spotting and proactively addressing upcoming changes in your industry.

Business Diagnostics Includes:

  • Identified areas of strengths
  • Critical Issues and their Implications
  • Chronic Issues and Hidden Costs
  • Cash Flow/ Financial risks
  • Resource and Capacity Utilization
  • True Cost of Running Business
  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Financial and reputational risks
  • Multiple Improvement Opportunities

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